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Shri Prabhakar Keshav SardeshmukhMaharaj

Born on November 25th,1920, Shri Prabhakar Keshav SardeshmukhMaharaj, was brought up in Tadval in Solapur district. Along with school education he was trained in Ayurved and Ancient Indian Music by his respected father Shri Keshav Aabaji Sardeshmukh. His family was well known for 'Nadipariksha' - the important aspect of diagnosis in Ayurved for many generations.

During these days of high school education, the inherent desire in him of leading spiritual life, became so powerful, that he left his native place, in search of Guru. His search was over when he met Sadguru Shri Mali Maharaj in Pune in 1943. The young follower of Shri Mali Maharaj, absorbed completely the essence of spirituality, until Shri Mali Maharaj left his holy body in 1950. And then till his last breath, Shri Prabhakar Keshav SardeshmukhMaharaj, gave moment of his life for teaching and guiding people.

He was proud of and well verse with the unique and brilliant tradition of teaching and learning in Ancient India-Guru Shishya Parampara. Throughout his life he guided the students in various subjects viz. Ayurved, Ancient Indian Music, Yoga, Vedic Knowledge, Natyashastra, Phillosophy, Psychology, Poetry and even modern sciences like Electronics etc. His knowledge was not limited to the books of Matriculation Degree-which he obtained. With the golden touch of supreme spirituality, he used to give guidance readily and practically on any subject, even to the research students. He also guided his followers in India and abroad in critical situations of their lives and made their lives bloom wonderfully.

He gave knowledge of Ayurved to his son Dr. Sadananda Sardeshmukh and to daughter Dr. Sudha Aklujkar. He trained his younger sons Shri. Shashikant Sardeshmukh and Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh in Ashwaurveda and Ancient Indian Music, respectively. Dr. Chandrakant Sardeshmukh is well known sitarist and is deciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar & Mrs. Annapurna Devi. His wife Dr. Pooja is Ph. D. in Electronics, is a follower of Maharaj.

With his simple and extremely humble way of behavior, Shri P. K. SardeshmukhMaharaj was hardly recognized by people as a 'Spiritual Person' or 'Siddhha Purush', unless told. He disliked praise and being away from so called publicity, he continued his silent work till he left his holy body on 29th August, 1996.

His treasure of excellent and unending knowledge was open practically for 24 hours, for seekers of true knowledge. He believed in social reform that can be achieved by younger generation and wanted to link that glorious past of Ancient India to the future generations. Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust was founded by Shri P. K. Sardeshmukh Maharaj for this noble cause. He gave his 63 acres of land in Wagholi for the trust. He called the trust land as Vishwa Shanti Dham. The trust is following exactly his aims and objectives. Naturally, Promotion, Practice and Research in Ancient Indian Sciences and Arts, is the main field of activity of the Trust. It's manifold activities will soon start revealing. Knowledge, Peace and Happiness will spread from the holy land of Vishwa Shanti Dhama, Wagholi upto the farthest mankind living on the earth.

"The task is herculious, but I am sure that selfless souls will come at right times and perform their righteous duties to accomplish it." ....He used to say and that is his vision.